4th Creative Int. Salon

Belghoria Photo-Lovers club introduces 4th Creative International Photography Salon 2017 with 4 sections, Monochrome (Digital), Color (Digital), Monochrome (Print) and Color (Print). Hope to get your best work.

We accept prints up to 15th of January 2018.


The CREATIVE International Exhibition 2016 is divided in 4 sections, (print and digital):-
A) Open Monochrome PSA PID monochrome
B) Open Colour PSA PID colour
C) Open Monochrome PSA PPD monochrome
D) Open Colour PSA PPD colour

Authors can submit photos online and fill online entry form, following the instructions on www.bplclub.in

Entry is open to all photographers, amateur and professional, worldwide.

Classes A, B are for digital, Classes C, D are for print images.

An entrant is allowed to enter a maximum of 4 images in each Class.

We will distribute your 4 images (in each class) through 4 rounds of judging.

You may not enter identical or very similar images in more than one Class. You may not enter an image accepted at a previous CREATIVE International Exhibition (even in a different class), or one so similar as to be almost identical - irrespective of title.

You must put your name and the title of the image on the back of each print. You must also put a number on the back of each print, as it is numbered on your entry form. You must fill up your name and other details in the website while submitting your digital entries as well as print entries.

Image titles must not exceed 30 characters.

Each image must have a unique title. Once an image has been accepted in a PSA Recognized exhibition, that same image, or a like “in camera” or a “reproduction” duplicate of that image: -
i. May not be re-entered in any section of the same Division Star Ratings class in that exhibition regardless of media, format, or title.
ii. May not be re-titled for entry in any other PSA Recognized exhibition.

Entries must originate as photographs (image-captures of objects via light sensitivity) made by the entrant on photographic emulsion or acquired digitally. All aspects of every image MUST be your total and exclusive work as the submitting author. You may not include any element that was originated by or is the copyright of other photographers. You may not use clip-art or elements from stock photography.

By virtue of submitting an entry, the entrant certifies the work as his own (aliases are not permitted). The entrant permits the sponsors to reproduce all or part of the entered material free of charge for publication and/or display in media related to the exhibition. This may include low resolution posting on a website. Note: Entrants who indicate that their images may not be reproduced or used “will notbe eligible for awards” or inclusion in audio-visuals of the exhibition “and could be subject to disqualification” by the exhibition sponsors.

Words such as “Untitled” and “No Title” are not acceptable as part or all of an image’s title, nor are camera capture filenames or titles consisting of only numbers

The exhibition assumes no liability of any misuse of copyright. All final work must be on photographic film, or on electronic file, or on photographic or electronic print material, mounting excepted. Images may be altered, either digitally or otherwise, by the entrant. Artwork or computer graphics created by the entrant may be incorporated if the photographic content predominates subject to Nature, Photo Travel and Photojournalism divisional restrictions.

Creative International Exhibition is organised and run by Belghoria Photolovers club, a not for profit amateur photographic society. We depend on the goodwill and enthusiasm of our members to administer the Exhibition, and for the safe custody of your prints and other materials. We therefore must make it a condition of entering the Exhibition that you acknowledge that the value of your prints and materials do not exceed the entry fee paid by you, and therefore our liability to you, should your prints or materials be damaged, or go missing, even if we have been careless, will not extend beyond returning the entry fee. Should you believe that the value of your prints and materials may be significantly greater than that, please contact us to agree the cost of additional insurance.

We will send online PDF catalogue to each entrant.


All entry details will be stored on computer. We may share personal data such as your name and address with other FIP, PSA & FIAP Approved INDIAN Exhibitions.

The decision of the Exhibition jury on whether images comply with these rules is final. They need not give reasons for their decision. The judges may decide to exclude from the exhibition any images which, in their opinion, appear not to comply with these rules.

As a legal formality required to provide certainty in an International exhibition, please note that the definitive version of these entry terms is the English language version. INDIAN law applies and the INDIAN courts have jurisdiction ONLY.

With the sole act of submitting his/her images or files to a salon under FIAP Patronage, the entrant accepts without exception and with no objection that the submitted images can be investigated by FIAP to establish if these obey to FIAP regulations and definitions even if the entrant is not a member of FIAP; that FIAP will use any means at its disposal for this undertaking; that any refusal to cooperate with FIAP or any refusal to submit the original files as captured by the camera, or failure to provide sufficient evidence, will be sanctioned by FIAP and that in case of sanctions following the non compliance with FIAP regulations, the name of the entrant will be released in any form useful to inform the breaches of the rules. It is recommended to leave the EXIF data in the submitted files intact in order to ease eventual investigations.


Prints must not exceed 20 x 30 cm (approx. 8" x 12").
JPEG Copies : During the on-line entry you will need to upload a JPG copy of the prints. (These copies are used when we produce the catalogue.) The image must not exceed 1024 pixels wide by 768 pixels high within 1 MB.
File name should be in English, unique, NOT containing special symbols. File name should be the artwork name.

Physically send us the prints.
Belghoria PhotoLovers
Mr. Sumit Mukherjee,
5, Verner Lane Belghoria. Kolkata- 700056.
West Bengal, INDIA
Phone: 0-8444072223


1. The image must not exceed 1024 pixels wide by 768 pixels high within 1 MB.
2. The files must be in JPG format. The print resolution should be set to 300 ppi for catalogue purposes. Please note that this print resolution setting has no effect on the quality of your projected image.
3. Embedding a source ICC colour profile is recommended (usually sRGB or Adobe RGB 1998).
4. Please do not add any unnecessary borders to your images. Black borders serve no purpose for digital projection, while white borders distract the eye from the image.
5. For entrants uploading to our website, the filename must be the same as the title. Do not include a 'Class + Entrynumber' prefix if entering online. It is added automatically.
6. We suggest you project and review your images at 100% magnification before submission. Your digital images are presented for assessment by our judges using a colour calibrated digital projector with a native resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.
7. If your entries do not meet the specifications they may not display correctly and we may not be able to judge them.
8. CDs will not be returned; they will be destroyed once the catalogue has been printed.
9. Postal print entries must be accompanied with standard sized CD-R or DVD containing the digitized versions of the prints. Do NOT use adhesive labels on CDs.
10. There are no restrictions as to subject matter except as outlined in the rules and definitions of specific sections, or specified by law in the country where the exhibition is held.
11. All entries shall conform to the stricter of these definitions for acceptances to be validated by all the International Organizations granting recognition or patronage.

Selected and winning WORKS will be reproduced in the catalogue, without paying compensation to the authors. Every author who has paid the registration fee will receive a copy of the exhibition catalogue & winning prize to the address stated in the online registration form.

FIAP Monochrome Definition
A black and white work fitting from the very dark grey (black) to the very clear grey (white) work with the various shades of grey is a monochrome work. A black & white work toned entirely in a single colour will remain a monochrome work able to stand in the black & white category; such a work may be reproduced in black & white in the catalogue. On the other hand a black and white work modified by partial toning or by the addition of one colour becomes a colour work (polychrome) to stand in the colour category.

PSA Monochrome Definition
An image is considered to be Monochrome only if it gives the impression of having no color (i.e. contains only shades of gray which can include pure black and pure white) OR it gives the impression of being a grayscale image that has been toned in one color across the entire image. (For example by Sepia, red, gold, etc.) A grayscale or multi-colored image modified or giving the impression of having been modified by partial toning, multi toning or by the inclusion of spot coloring does not meet the definition of monochrome and shall be classified as a Color Work.