4th Creative Int. Salon

Belghoria Photo-Lovers club introduces 4th Creative International Photography Salon 2017 with 4 sections, Monochrome (Digital), Color (Digital), Monochrome (Print) and Color (Print). Hope to get your best work.

We accept prints up to 15th of January 2018.

About Us

             We are group of passionate photographers. Some are professionals, some amateurs but we all share our deep affection toward good photography. If you like to join our group, you can apply via our contact page. It is the membership of any club that makes it special and the Belghoria Photolovers Club is no exception. Our members come from all walks of life and have a wide range of experience levels. Some are new to photography while other have many years of experience. We welcome all experience levels and invite you to drop in and join us anytime. It was a great group of folks that started the club and we are always anxious to have more passionate photographers join us. Joining the club is simple and the annual membership dues are minimal.